Cllr Carolyn Thomas

Welsh Labour Candidate for North Wales Region

I am asking for your support to be the lead Labour candidate for the North Wales Regional List in next year’s Senedd elections. I’m running because I believe everyone has a right to a fair wage and safe working conditions, a strong NHS which is there when we need it, a secure and affordable home and an education system that gives everyone a fair and equal chance whoever they are and wherever they live.

These things won’t happen by magic, Labour and Trade Unions have fought for and won them before and now we need to fight to save them from Tory austerity. As a postie, I have seen what privatisation has done to our public services after the sell-off of Royal Mail, I’ve raised a family through a decade of service cuts and battled as part of my small, rural community as the services we rely on have been hacked away.

North Wales has suffered disproportionately over the last ten years of Tory Government at Westminster. My priority would be fighting for the connectivity that we need; through public transport and decent broadband in villages and towns across our region. As Cabinet Member responsible for Transport at Flintshire Council, I have pressed for councils to be able to run our own buses again; public transport for people, not for profit. A vote for me is a vote to take this fight to Cardiff Bay.

We also need fair funding. North Wales councils do badly out of Cardiff’s funding, which affects our services. North Wales needs a strong voice for the problems across our region - especially where we have no Labour MS or MP.

I’m committed to putting our Labour values and my socialist principles into action and have a strong track record of doing so - I hope I can count on your support.

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  • I am committed to putting our Labour values and my socialist principles into action.

  • I am passionate about North Wales, its natural and built environment, its potential and people; and will work in partnership with Labour colleagues, residents, public authorities, businesses and unions to rebuild and grow it, post pandemic, post Brexit

  • I will fight to protect our vital industries in North Wales.

  • I will work with the North Wales Economic Ambition board.

  • I will campaign for access to integrated transport and decent broadband connectivity and ensure our rural communities do not become isolated.

  • I am committed to investing in early years and early interventions before anxiety and mental health issues grow, it is essential for the wellbeing of our future generations

  • It is essential that Labour continues with progress to move BCUHB, our health board, out of special measures.

  • I will fight for fairness and equality for everyone as stagnating wages are stretched to meet rising fuel bills and cost of living.

Proud to be endorsed by

CWU Union


Welsh Labour Grassroots

Mark Tami MP

“Carolyn is a first rate campaigner and her years of experience as a County Councillor and Cabinet Member make her an ideal candidate for the Senedd. She would be a strong voice for North Wales”

- Mark Tami MP

Jack Sargeant MS

"I will be supporting Carolyn to top Labour's North Wales list. She is hard working and dedicated and knows what it takes to win an election. Carolyn’s values are Labour values, she cares passionately about helping people and has a real record of delivering for communities in North Wales."

- Jack Sargeant MS

Daz Reynolds

“Carolyn would make an excellent MS for North Wales, she has great experience being a County Councillor and is very hard working. Carolyn cares passionately about people and communities and has the right values which is exactly why I am supporting her for this position.”

- Daz Reynolds, Unite Convenor - Airbus

Dave Ward

"Carolyn has been a longstanding member of the CWU and has been a fantastic advocate for our trade union. I have absolutely no doubt that Carolyn would also make a great advocate for the people of North Wales. As a working class, community candidate, Carolyn understands the needs of her local area and will stand up for what is right. I am proud to give her my full endorsement and I hope you will support her in this process."

- Dave Ward, General Secretary CWU

Ian Roberts

“I fully endorse Carolyn as a Candidate for the North Wales region. As leader of Flintshire County Council I work closely with Carolyn and admire her hard work, tenacity and ability to care for people. I know that she would bring these qualities to her work, if successful, as a regional list member.”

- Ian Roberts, Leader of Flintshire County Council